Glorifying Together

to be a church that humbly submits to the Lord Jesus Christ as the Author and Authority of the Church, by exalting Him in worship, seeking Him by prayer, and obeying Him in the clear mandates of His inerrant Word, so that in all things the Lord Jesus is the center and sum of all that we do and are.

Growing Together

to be a church that develops followers of the Lord Jesus into men and women of God in every area of life through Biblical teaching and accountability.

Gathering Together

to be a church “family” that faithfully assembles together, building bonds of relationships with one another that are strengthened by selfless love and mutual respect for each other & church leaders, always pursuing unity through forbearance and forgiveness.

Giving Together

to be a church with an open hand, whose members collectively support the ministry we have been entrusted with by liberal, and at times sacrificial giving of our financial substance, our volunteered time for service, and our God given abilities to be employed where needed.

Going Together

to be a church whose ministry is not contained at an address but sees the world as our mission field, and promotes: intentional personal evangelism, involvement in community outreach ministries, and engaging global mission efforts.